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Guy Degrenne claims it's ready for capitalistic alliances

The firm is looking to join forces with other French names to offer mutual support against competition. A strategy that is encouraged by its new stakeholder. French tableware professionals must federate according to Thierry Villotte, chairman of the board at Guy Degrenne

The sector comprises small companies, such as porcelain manufacturers from Limoges and table linen manufacturers from Les Vosges. Although not always profitable, they boast genuine know-how. Guy Degrenne, whose sales figure reached 85 million Euros in 2013-2014 (late March), with a loss of 3 million, has seen its sales of crockery and cutlery to private individuals diminish by 17% in France since 2009. This activity (along with sales to the restaurant trade) represents two thirds of the firm's total activity, the remainder being in industrial subcontracting (stainless steel). It was by adopting a creative approach that the firm was able to limit the damage. Guy Degrenne has already experimented such international alliance. For twenty years, in partnership with Christofle, the company embarked on a joint venture in the United States for the hotel-restaurant industry. A partnership that came to an end in December, when Guy Degrenne regained 100% control of its first export market. 'Our American subsidiary could well become a cradle for other French names,' Thierry Villotte ensures.
http://www.guydegrenne-industrie.com/ ; http://www.guydegrenne.fr/#
Les Echos, 10th February 2015, Dominique Chapuis

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