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In Coutances, Unither continues its expansion

The firm's pharmaceutical plant, located in Coutances, produces sterile unit doses. In ten years, it has quadrupled its workforce

And opened three new packaging lines. In 10 years, the Unither pharmaceutical plant in Coutances has enjoyed healthy growth. From 50 employees in 2003, the firm has progressed to 200 today. As a subcontractor for major groups, its name is very rarely printed on the packs of collyrium, physiological salt solution and asthma treatment it produces. Yet, it is indeed within Unither's premises that these sterile unit doses are produced using BFS (blow-fill-seal) technology. The dose is simultaneously formed and filled with the product. "Unit doses offer a vast number of advantages," boasts Michel le Cadre, the site's technical manager. "They are easier to use, cheaper and contain no preservatives. Production lines turn out 45,000 doses per hour. Three further lines will soon be added to Unither's eight existing lines. Main structural work on the new building is complete. Interior fitting will soon begin. A second laboratory is also on the agenda for 2015. The extension of the Coutances site promises to accompany our sales growth." http://www.unither-pharma.com/fr/sites/france/37-coutances
Ouest-France, 29th December 2014, Céline Guitton

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