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La Galette d'Alençon workshop, a workshop that's turning well

The company has been operational for two weeks. It produces and delivers 100% French-made pancakes and buckwheat pancakes, with a workforce of just six. For the time being

Cooking pancakes is no privilege reserved for the Bretons. For now, and since the past two weeks, these two specialities are produced in Rue de Verdun, opposite the railway station. The base is prepared on site, using 100% French wheat and buckwheat flour, and a pinch of salt from Guérande.  More a workshop than a kitchen, it is the exact replicate (in a smaller version) of La Galette de Broöns, established between Rennes and Saint-Brieuc. 'We chose to set up in Alençon to get closer to our Norman clients,' explains Jean-Yves Pierre, one of the associates who founded the business. 'The total investment amounts to €800,000, for an expected turnover of €500,000 for 2015. The company now needs to develop customer loyalty and to find new clients. Our idea is to continue recruiting. Both for production and delivery.' Prepared with neither preservatives nor additives, their pancakes must be consumed quickly to ensure their moistness is fully appreciated. 'Quality ultra-fresh produce is a race against time. Once in their sachet, the pancakes are delivered to the retail outlet the following day. And ideally enjoyed the same evening. Just like homemade pancakes!' The company currently has 250 clients to whom it delivers two to five times a week. The carrousel can cook 35,000 pancakes in six days. A volume that should be brought to 50,000 once the company has reached full steam. La Galette d'Alençon will soon be opening a boutique in the workshop's reception hall.
Ouest-France, 5th February 2015, Julien Belaud

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