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La Hoguette. La Falaisienne de Couverture is betting on youth and quality

La Falaisienne de Couverture was recently awarded a new national trophy for one if its sites in the Paris region

The prize comes to endorse the strategy employed by the company's director, Christophe Leroy. The story. 'The company was created in 1988 by Guy Girault. In 1988, there were 16 employees. Today, we are a team of 36.' http://www.sfc-toiture.com/
Ouest-France, 16th February 2015 Les Nouvelles de Falaise, 12th February 2015, Pascal Lecoq

Les autres actualités

  • Laurent BATTEUR
    Managing Director - Groupe Batteur

  • Jean-Charles DUQUESNE
    R&D Director - La Normandise

  • Frédéric GUERNALEC
    President for Lower Normandy - MOV’EO Competitiveness Cluster

  • Thierry VILLOTTE
    Chairman - Guy Degrenne

  • Éric NEYME
    Regional Delegate - EDF

  • Alessandro TABACCO
    Regional Delegate - Carrefour Normandy

  • Laurence MEUNIER
    President - Hippolia Competitiveness Cluster

  • Michel COLLIN
    President - Caen Normandy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Jean-Marc BUSNEL
    Director - Acome

  • Philippe CASENAVE-PÉRÉ
    President - SAS Legallais

    President - Fédération Bancaire Régionale (Regional Banking Federation)