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Loïc Raison and Ecusson are taking full advantage of the cider trend

Eclor, Agrial's cider making centre, draws 35% of its sales from export

After its rosé wine and Poiré (perry), the group is launching its new range of cider associated with peach, vodka and citrus fruits. Cider, three quarters of which is controlled by the Normandy cooperative Agrial, is diversifying. 'It's not just a drink to drink with pancakes or pastries,' maintains Franck Malinowski, managing director of Eclor, the cooperative's cider making centre. At present, 40% of sales are made in summer. Cider has begun to assert itself as a before dinner drink on many an outdoor terrace. And it has considerably diversified. Small formats, initially produced by Eclor, have also met with great success. The price range has been reduced, to the detriment of discounted products. The trade's profitably has considerably improved. Hence, Eclor represents 15% of Agrial's total operating result, for a turnover equivalent to 7% of the cooperative's overall activity. In 2014, sales progressed by 3.7% to over 200 million Euros. International trade (35%) is largely responsible for this increase, with a major share of sales to California, where Eclor is taking full advantage of the great popularity of cider and organic products. In the United States, cider consumption has increased from 41 million litres to 250 million litres in three years. Trade to Asia is developing. Other markets will follow, to satisfy the ambition for international growth. http://www.agrial.com/
Les Echos, 4th February 2015, Marie-Josée Cougard

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