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Mulann (Lannion) buys out Pyral (Avranches)

Pyral, a company specialising in the production of magnetic bands, has found its corporate rescuer

In the form of Mulann. Located within the Lannion science park, the company designs and markets production tools and quality tests for use by the credit card, SIM card and magnetic stripe ticketing industry. Expertise which has offered the company a prime position with over 60 prestigious clients throughout France and in over 20 foreign countries - success which is in line with that of the sector's world leaders such as Gemalto, Oberthur Technologies and Safran Morpho. To raise capital aimed at boosting the company's international growth, Mulann, based in Lannion, has decided to follow suit to its neighbours Ekinops and Novatech Industries, by joining the stock exchange. The company, chaired by Jean-Luc Renou, is present on the Euronext Paris free market at a cost of €6.10 per share for a total value of €15 million. On Tuesday 6th January, the Coutances commercial court chose to entrust Pyral's recovery to Mulann (5 employees), which boasts a turnover of €500,000. The company will be maintaining Pyral's 31 employees, together with the site located in Rue Division Leclerc, which promises to enjoy future development. Mulann plans to recruit a further eleven employees for the Avranches site over the coming months. http://www.pyral.fr/accueil.html ; http://www.mulann.com/
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