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Virey. C2J Loisirs, king of the inflatable castle

This SME, located in Virey, on the 976 B road, designs, models, produces, maintains and repairs the inflatable structures it sells

On Friday morning, C2J Loisirs opened its doors to twelve trainees from the École des Managers de Basse-Normandie (Lower Normandy Managers' School). And Antoine Cahu, the company founder's son, is among them. The company with a workforce of 40 is the only French manufacturer of inflatable leisure structures. The story. C2J Loisirs in a few figures: a catalogue of 200 models, with the addition of '5 or 6 new products every year.' The SME's workshops have produced a total of 500 different products. C2J Loisirs is appealing to trainee and future managers. The aim of the École des Managers de Basse-Normandie (EDM) is to enable company transmission to be anticipated and for future managers to be trained. The school has been operational for the past fifteen years. http://www.c2j-loisirs.com/
Ouest-France, 4th February 2015

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